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We need your support!

Hey my lovely blogger friends! My former schoolmate needs your help. She is competing on our school as the Ambassador of GoodwillWe just need votes. It is on blogger so it won't be hard for you to vote. Here's the link http://aogfeudiliman.blogspot.com/ No need to follow the blog. Just vote for "AOG Arme (Mary Arme Benipayo)", she is actually the first on the list. The POLL is on the LEFT SIDEBAR of the said blog. Just two clicks (check the name and click vote) and you'll be able to help us this instant. Another thing though, if you have multiple browsers, you can vote for her in each browsers (IE, FF, GC or Opera.. any browser will do) No sign-ups and following needed.

Thank you! Thank you!

Comment here if you have voted so we could thank you.


"We need your support!" was Posted On: Friday, January 14, 2011 @8:43 PM | 3 lovely comments

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