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New Blog for 2011

Hey! Char here from CharNina. My 2nd blog, currently.
I made this blog at first for the layout editing of the CharNina blog but then I was absolutely enjoying editing layouts from blogskins and html is just so entertaining and challenging for me that's why I decided to just make this one alive and working. I'm not going to remove or quit CharNina, though. It's our official blog and as some of you know, I'm working on it with my bestfriend so no reason to deactivate it at all.

What will you do with this one?
Well, I'm still going to update this and mostly personal and individual stuff about me will be posted here. And since I'm doing Chictopia now. I think I'll be posting here mostly what I'm going to post there. More of my fashion and personal stuff here.

What is its difference with the CharNina blog?
Like what I said a while ago, CharNina (ugh, redundant already) is made by two people and this is just from me alone.

What is the official blog?
CharNina.blogspot.com will be my official blog.


"New Blog for 2011" was Posted On: Friday, January 7, 2011 @6:22 PM | 6 lovely comments

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